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Work, Family, and the Sexual Revolution: A Christian Feminist Take on Law and Culture Today

Thursday, March 7 at 7:00PM

Maas Auditorium

While U.S. family life, sexual mores,  and employment patterns have changed considerably over the last half century, law and public policy have not caught up. Furthermore, sometimes lawmakers send muddled, conflicting, or even pernicious messages. Individuals, families, communities, and churches and other private institutions need to take additional responsibility to assist families, especially children who are most hurt by these changes. But law and policy makers also need to step up to their responsibilities.

Helen Alvaré is a Professor of Law at Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University, where she teaches Family Law, Law and Religion, and Property Law. Her most recent book is Putting Children's Interests First in US Family Law and Policy: With Power Comes Responsibility (Cambridge University Press, 2017).