The Campaign to Raise $100,000: A Priest Chaplain for Hope College

Habemus Sacredotem ! We Have a Priest!   Click here  to learn more about Fr. Nicholas Monco, O.P., our new chaplain.

Habemus Sacredotem! We Have a Priest! Click here to learn more about Fr. Nicholas Monco, O.P., our new chaplain.

Why A Priest Chaplain for Hope College?

For the past three years, the Saint Benedict Institute has been a robust Catholic voice at Hope College and in the wider community. Our impact includes a dozen students currently discerning a religious vocation, climbing Mass attendance, and impressive turnouts at our retreats and Catholic speaker series events.  

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While our programs have effectively reached a vibrant cross section of both Catholic and Protestant students, it is becoming increasingly clear that we are not reaching Catholic students who have drifted away from their faith, perhaps as many as 85% of the Catholic student body. For this group a new strategy is needed. 

We believe that a pastoral presence of a Catholic priest chaplain, interacting daily with students, is the best way to gather these students back into the fold. At the same time, he will be able to encourage the faithful Catholic students to stay strong in their beliefs. As the position grows, this priest can also become the primary supervisor of additional lay ministers called to Hope to serve as Catholic peer witnesses on campus.

The first step is to raise $100,000 to cover a variety of expenses associated with bringing a chaplain to Hope as well as funding his position for one year. Additionally, we are seeking 3-5 year commitments from friends and benefactors who will be willing to support this position in the long-term.

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