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On Thursday, October 24, 2019, the Saint Benedict Institute hosted Dr. Stephen Barr for a talk on "Science and Religion: The Myth of Conflict."

On Monday, September 23, 2019 the Saint Benedict Institute welcomed David O'Connor for a lecture with the title "Perilous Beauty: Tattoos, Redheads, and Tolkien."

On Monday, March 12, Kevin Vanhoozer gave a lecture titled, "Mere Protestant Christianity: Sola Scriptura and the Comic Possibility of Reformation" at the Osterhaven Lecture Series hosted by Western Seminary. 

On Monday, March 12, Matthew Levering spoke at the 2018 Osterhaven Lecture Series at Western Theological Seminary. His lecture was titled, "What Counts as a Biblical Doctrine? Exploring the Biblically Warranted Modes of Biblical Interpretation."

On Tuesday, March 13, Kevin Vanhoozer, Matthew Levering, Sue Rozeboom, and Jared Ortiz engaged in a panel discussion on Catholic and Reformed perspectives of Biblical Christianity. 

On September 28, 2017, Fr. Vince Lampert delivered a lecture, "The Biblical Roots of Exorcism and Its Meaning for Ministry Today" in Maas Auditorium at Hope College as part of the Saint Benedict Institute Speaker Series.


On March 4, the Saint Benedict Institute co-hosted, "Hope for Restoration: Radical Hospitality and Prison Reform," a conference on restorative justice organized by inmates of the R.A. Handlon Correctional Facility.

On January 26, 2017, Sr. Sara Butler spoke on "The Catholic Priesthood: Why Is It Reserved to Men?" Dr. Jim Brownson responded. This event was part of the Saint Benedict Institute Catholic-Reformed Dialogue series.
On November 2, 2016, the Saint Benedict Institute co-sponsored editor of First Things, Rusty Reno's lecture, "Restoring Love to the Intellectual Life."
The Saint Benedict Forum hosted three gay Catholics--Eve Tushnet, Joshua Gonnerman, and Ron Belgau--at Hope College on February 22, 2016. Eve Tushnet spoke on "The Radical Challenge of Gay Celibacy," Joshua Gonnerman spoke on, "Changing How We Think About Gay Politics," and Ron Belgau spoke on "Understanding the Bible's Teaching on Homosexuality."
Eduardo J. Echeverria, Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, discusses ecumenism at Hope College as part of the Saint Benedict Forum's Catholic-Reformed Dialogue Series. This event was co-sponsored by Hope College's Department of Religion, Department of Philosophy, and Campus Ministries.
On November 6, 2014, Anthony Esolen delivered, "Liberal Arts and the Christian College in a Post-Christian World" at Hope College as part of the Saint Benedict Forum's Catholic Speaker Series.