In Their Own Words: Immersion Trip 2014


Thirteen Hope College students went to the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels in Chicago to be immersed in the life of the Franciscans of the Eucharist. Here are some of their reflections on that experience: “My trip in three words: life-changing, growth, and revelation.”

“My week at Our Lady of the Angels Mission was spiritually enriching, socially stimulating, and physically challenging; I learned how Catholics are working to find and foster Christ in impoverished West Humboldt Park.”

gals praying
gals praying

“Living simply with a bunch of Nuns helped me to see the way Christ lived and it allowed me to dive into the contemplation of everything about my life that I was struggling with.”

"I enjoyed experiencing the Franciscans' way of life, learning to enjoy the simple tasks."

“Honestly as a whole the trip helped heal me of fear that I had towards people in poverty, and helped me let go of what I want for my life and instead be more orientated towards God's will.”

"God revealed to me that he loves me despite my worst sins and invites me to pass that on."

"God revealed to me himself, by seeing his suffering on the cross in a more personal way like never before."

"I have come closer to God in my faith and have come away with a deeper desire to be committed in my faith."

"I learned how incredibly blessed I have been in my life."

"The ability to serve others while growing internally."

"I love my leader’s commitment and openness during the trip. Also their genuine love for God was wonderful to see."

"The heavy focus on, and balance between, work and prayer, but also enough free time to just spend leisure time together."

“I appreciated the opportunity to learn about myself through service.”

“I loved drawing close to God daily and seeing him teach me the ways in which he wanted me live.”

“This week brought peace.”