Exodus 90

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Exodus 90

February 15, 2019 - May 25, 2019

The Exodus 90 program is built on the pillars of fellowship, prayer, and sacrifice.  It is for those who are looking to seriously live their faith, to encounter Christ in a new way, and to overcome sinful habits. The program is demanding and that is point.  To make room for Christ in our hearts requires clearing other things out.  If you register for this program please know that it is a serious commitment to a weekly group meeting, to daily accountability, at least 20 minutes of daily prayer and a serious regimen of ascetic practices.  If you are not interested then please do not sign up.  If you do then give it your all, knowing that Jesus will not be outdone in generosity.  Anyone is welcome to participate. 

The process to join has five steps:

Step 1: Read the this sheet on the structure and commitments involved in Exodus 90.  This is a rigorous program - please do not skip over this step and prayerful consider whether God is calling you to this at this time in your life.

Step 2: Complete this online registration form (5 minutes or less).

Step 3: Sign up for a particular group using one of the four links below.  Pay attention to when and where you group is meeting if the time is specified. If the meeting time is not specified then a doodle poll will be used to find a time.

Step 4: Download the GroupMe app for your iPhone or Android

Step 5: Attend out kick-off event on Thursday, February 14th in Dimnent Chapel at 11am.