Deification Day of Study


On Saturday, March 7th, the Saint Benedict Forum, Western Theological Seminary, and Hope College hosted a Day of Study on the theme, "Fundamental Issues in the Western Understanding of Deification." The overall goal of the Day of Study is to provide a leisurely opportunity for scholars in the region to explore together questions of theological and cultural import.

There were four informal papers:

  • Carl Mosser (Notre Dame) - “How Deification was Mislabeled as ‘Eastern’: Ritschl, Harnack, and the Russian Diaspora”
  • Jared Ortiz (Hope College) - “Deification in the Early Latin Liturgy”
  • Daniel Keating (Sacred Heart Seminary) - “Typologies of Deification
  • Kirsten Laurel Guidero (Marquette University) - "A Pneumatic Deification? Resources and Trajectories from the Traditions on Theosis."


A dozen interlocutors from the region were invited to engage each paper in an extended period of discussion.  The discussions were thoroughly enjoyable and spilled over into the breaks and lunch and after the event.


Here are a few more pictures from this delightful day: