Gay and Christian: Exploring Vocation, Friendship, and Celibacy

Gay and Christian: Exploring Vocation, Friendship, and Celibacy

The Saint Benedict Forum is pleased to host an ecumenical symposium, "Gay and Christian: Exploring Friendship, Vocation, and Celibacy." Eve Tushnet, Wesley Hill, and Joshua Gonnerman will all be speaking at this timely event. The symposium is free and open to the public.

Eduardo Echeverria Discusses Catholic-Reformed Dialogue


On March 5th, Eduardo J. Echeverria, Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit and a leading voice in Catholic-Reformed dialogue, delivered a lecture entitled “Catholic and Reformed Ecumenism: Basis, Boundaries, and Benefits.” Echeverria, a scholar of the Dutch Reformed theologian G.C. Berkouwer (1903-1996), gave a fascinating presentation on Berkouwer’s developing views on the Catholic Church. He also used Berkouwer’s position to illustrate the parameters of Catholic-Reformed dialogue. Mark Husbands, the Leonard and Marjorie Maas Professor of Reformed Theology at Hope College, offered a response, which generated a fruitful and challenging discussion.

Leading up to the event, scholars at Hope met together over a series of meals to discuss Vatican II’s Unitatis Redintegratio and Berkouwer’s The Second Vatican Council and the New Catholicism. This facilitated a friendly and lively exchange between members of the two traditions. Following Echeverria’s talk, this same group met together to continue the dialogue. The Saint Benedict Forum will continue to host events in Catholic-Reformed dialogue to deepen this important conversation between the College’s founding tradition and the Catholic Church.